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Chapter 3 Lab Assignement

Chapter 3 Lab Assignement - involved so I tend to be more...

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Name Date Temperament Reports Shannon Sterling Feb 08, 2011 Idealist (NF) When I was younger there was no doubt I was an Idealist. I had a great imagination and never liked to follow a schedule. However, after some changes in my life I quickly became very controlled and more of a realist. Nowadays I’m working on finding a balance of the two. At work I am more of a realist. I enjoy talking to people I meet but I don’t like to get to emotionally
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Unformatted text preview: involved so I tend to be more firm. My main focus at work is meeting the deadlines that are set and getting my work done. At home I am more laid back. I still try to set plans, but for the most part I like to be spontaneous and I let my emotions out more. I encourage my children to use their imaginations and be more creative. Good conversation and expressing emotions are a must in my house....
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