Chapter 4 Lab Assignment

Chapter 4 Lab Assignment - I look forward to sharing the...

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Shannon Sterling HHP200 Chapter 4 Lab Assignment #4 Trying to figure out which quizzes to take was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be but finally I narrowed it down and found two quizzes that I felt would provide me with some insight on ways I could improve my health and lifestyle. First I chose a quiz about my marriage and found that the answer surprised me a little bit but gave me a few ideas on how I could improve my relationship with my husband. While reading the questions I found myself realizing that even though I was answer the questions honestly they weren’t the answers I wish I could say.
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Unformatted text preview: I look forward to sharing the information and ideas I have from the results of the quiz with my husband. The second quiz I took was the Dr. Phil Personality quiz. I found it easier to answer the questions because they weren’t as much based on feelings but on actions. The result didn’t surprise me much because it was a lot like the way my friends and family describe me. It did get me to do some thinking about some changes I could make but for the most part I’m happy with who I am. Now if I could find a quiz that will help me find a workout routine and diet that would work best for me I would be set....
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