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Exam 1 Practice Questions - shortcomings. Question 6...

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Practice Exam # 1 Questions Question 1 Equal opportunity legislation is likely to influence the behavior of Correct Answer: reluctant liberals. Question 2 The process by which an individual gives up his or her own cultural tradition to become part of a different culture is known as Correct Answer: assimilation. Question 3 Despite stereotypes about Jews and the economy, which of the following is true? Correct Answer: all of these Question 4 Those who claim that the Holocaust did not happen are called Correct Answer: Holocaust revisionists. Question 5 Scapegoating theory Correct Answer: explains why people blame others for their own
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Unformatted text preview: shortcomings. Question 6 Examples of the formal economy include Correct Answer: banking. Question 7 The feminine mystique refers to Correct Answer: society thinking of women only in their roles as mothers and wives. Question 8 Prejudice is Correct Answer: a negative attitude, not behavior. Question 9 According to the social distance scale developed by Emory Bogardus, between 1926 and 1991, people's feelings of social distance toward different racial and ethnic groups have Correct Answer: decreased. Question 10 The term melting pot refers to Correct Answer: all of these...
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Exam 1 Practice Questions - shortcomings. Question 6...

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