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Exam 2 Practice Questions

Exam 2 Practice Questions - Question 6 Compared with Whites...

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Question 1 The Indian Reorganization Act was based on which of the following principles? Answer assimilation Question 2 The most encouraging development in the higher education of Native Americans has been in the recent growth of Answer tribal community colleges. Question 3 Jim Crow refers to Answer segregation laws. Question 4 Agreements that prevent certain minority group members from purchasing housing in a particular neighborhood are called Answer restrictive covenants. Question 5 Gerrymandering refers to Answer the bizarre outlining of voting districts to create politically advantageous outcomes.
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Unformatted text preview: Question 6 Compared with Whites, Black men have higher death rates from Answer all of these Question 7 At the beginning of the 21 st century, Latino households can expect to earn ________ received by White households. Answer 70 cents on the dollar Question 8 The culture of poverty is Answer another way of blaming the victim Question 9 Rotating credit associations among Korean Americans built on trust and friendship are called Answer kyes. Question 10 In 1944, after hearing Endo v. U.S. , the Supreme Court ruled the detainment of Japanese Americans Answer unconstitutional...
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