Practice Final Exam - Spring 2006

Practice Final Exam - Spring 2006 - PH2200 Final Exam...

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PH2200 Final Exam Spring 2006 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Remove the Score Sheet from the exam booklet. 2. Using a #2 pencil, in the left-hand column entitled Student Enrollment Sheet, fill in your I.D. number and name. If you are a(n) your I.D. number is domestic student your Social Security number (without the dashes) international student your M number; however, replace the leading M with a zero. Example: if your M number is M12345678, then you would enter 012345678. 3. With the exception of the first 50 answers on the Score Sheet, all remaining fields should be left blank. 4. Be sure to fill in the circles completely and avoid stray marks on the form. 5. This a two hour exam. 6. Please cover your Score Sheet at all times. 7. This is a closed book exam. You may use the PH2200 Formula Sheet that is attached to this exam. The next to last sheet of paper is blank and may be used as scratch paper. You may find it convenient to rip the formula sheet and scratch paper from the exam booklet. 8. Graphing calculators are permitted, but equations may not be stored in calculators, nor may calculators be exchanged. 9. Cell phones should be turned off and may not be used during the exam period. 10. Assume all numerical data supplied with the problems have three significant figure accuracy, unless explicitly identified otherwise. 11. This exam consists of a total of 50 questions. Each question has a single correct answer and is worth six points. The total number of points available on the exam is 300. 12. An announcement will be made when ten minutes remain. Please remain seated after the announcement is made until the Score Sheets are collected. 13. If you have any questions during the exam, please raise your hand and wait for assistance. 14. Please turn in only your Score Sheet. You may keep the exam booklet, formula sheet, and scratch paper. Please sit in seat number ___________________
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PH2200 Final Exam Spring 2006 1. The picture to the right shows Rod A and Rod B, which - + - + - + - + may or may not carry an electric charge, on opposite sides Rod A Rod B of an overall neutral metal sphere. Also shown is the charge that is induced in that sphere because of the presence of the rods. Based on the picture and the information above, which of the statements below could plausibly describe the charges on each of the rods? I. Rod A is negative and Rod B is positive II. Rod A is neutral and Rod B is negative III. Rod A is positive and rod B is neutral (A) I, only (B) I and II, only (C) I and III, only (D) II and III, only (E) I, II, and III 2. Three charges of equal magnitude are positioned as shown below, with Q 3 equidistant from Q 1 and Q 2 . Charges Q 1 and Q 3 are positive; Q 2 is negative. What is the direction of the electric force on charge Q 3 ? + Q 1 (A) left (B) right + Q 3 (C) up (D) down - Q 2 (E) the force is zero 3. A positive charge is located near a large conducting plate that is negatively charged. Which figure best represents the electric field lines for this system?
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Practice Final Exam - Spring 2006 - PH2200 Final Exam...

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