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Assignment 3 - UN 2002 Fall 2008 Assignment 3 During Week...

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Unformatted text preview: UN 2002 Fall 2008 Assignment 3 During Week 11 we will examine several aspects of a globalized economic system, including increased mobility of capital and labor at a global scale. For this assignment I’d like you to build on in-class material and investigate the topic of human migration and immigration. More specifically, I want you to research and report on either (not both) of the following issues: 1. Who migrates to the United States to work? Where do they come fiom? In which industries do they work? In What ways does this source of labor contribute to globalization? 2. What sorts of public policies have been proposed in the US concerning immigration? How do the proposals address public-private interests? How do you think the proposals respond to or shape political and cultural identities? Two pages, to include: A brief response to the above questions A bibliography of at least two sources "(not including course readings) Due Wednesday, 11/19 ...
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