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Exam II Questions - UN 2002 Fall 2008 Exam 2 Study...

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UN 2002 Fall 2008 Exam 2 Study Questions Exam 2 will consist of3-5 questions from the following list. Each question will count for 20-40 points (totaling 100 for the exam). When organizing answers to each question consider how key concepts and examples can be used to explain institutional behavior and social change in American society. I. How did New Deal government spending policies atternpt to restore economic growth during the Depression and why did these public expenditures constitute "a new form of guided capitalism?" 2. Which scenes, testimony, or images in Rosie the Riveter help to explain changes in a gendered division of labor in America from the beginning of World War 2 to the post- war 19S0s? 3. What does Judith Schor mean when she argues that the time housewives spend doing housework is an "artificially undervalued resource?" 4. Use one of the structural elements, or "features" in Stone's model to explain how political power is derived from that feature.
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