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PSYC 100 Course Syllabus

PSYC 100 Course Syllabus - Religious Studies 201 Religions...

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1 Religious Studies 201 Religions of the Ancient Near East Fall Term 2011 (3 credits; Tuesday/Thursday 1:05 PM-2:25 PM; Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry 1/12 (3640, University St.)) Instructor: Dr. Éric Bellavance Faculty of Religious Studies McGill University 3520 University Street Office: 021 (Birks Building, 3520 University Street) Office hours: By appointment Tel. 514-398-4129 Email: [email protected] T.A.: Shayna Sheinfeld: [email protected] Office: 015 (Birks Building, 3520 University Street) Office hours: By appointment Prerequisite: This course has no prerequisites apart from enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to attend and prepare all classes. Contents: An examination of the religions of the Ancient Near East by a study of selected texts (epics, myths, hymns, prayers, omen texts, wisdom literature, etc.) from ancient scripture in translation. This course is meant for those students who want to have a survey of the religions of Ancient Near East since its beginning with the Sumerians in the 4 th millennium until the fall of the Neo-Babylonian empire in the 6 th century B.C. In the course, we will learn more about the main historical and political events and the religious concepts of the period. Themes that will be discussed include: gods and goddesses, divine kingship, temple cult, death and afterlife, magic, divination, sacred marriage, etc. In all cases we will rely on the latest scholarship and listen to what previous scholars have said about the various aspects of the religions of the Ancient Near East. Method: Two lectures of one hour and twenty minute each per week with reading of texts in English translation. Readings: Readings of the essential texts in an English translation will be provided in a course pack to be purchased by every student.
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2 Evaluation: 20% Mid-term exam 20% Short exams on assigned readings 30% Research paper 30% Final exam Midterm exam The midterm exam will examine the material taught until October 20 th 2011. The exam
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