COMS 230 Course Syllabus

COMS 230 Course Syllabus - COMS 230-Communication and...

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COMS 230—Communication and Democracy Department of Art History & Communication Studies Prof. Darin Barney McGill University Office: Mon. 10:30-12:00 Lectures: Mon. & Weds. 1:35-2:25 ARTS W293 Arts W215 Fall 2011 514.398.5683 Conferences: Fridays 10:35-11:25; 11:35-12:25; 13:35-14:25; 14:35-15:25 (Ferrier 230) Teaching Assistant: Paulina Mickiewicz ( ) Office hours: Weds. 2:30-3:30 (Peterson Hall 204) COURSE OUTLINE: This course introduces students to a range of issues surrounding the relationship between communication, media and politics in contemporary liberal-democratic and capitalist societies. Starting from the premise that media and communication are central to the possibilities of the democratic public sphere(s), the course will critically examine the role, performance and structure of contemporary mass media, democratic governance of media and communication, and emerging political practices and selected issues surrounding digital information and communication technologies and network media. Required Texts: A course reader containing required reading material is available for purchase at the Word Bookstore, 469 rue Milton. Course requirements: Mid-term exam - 20% Conference participation - 20% Term paper - 30% Final exam - 30% Mid-term exam will take place in-class on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. Format will be discussed in class several weeks prior to the exam. Conference participation is mandatory. 5% of the course grade will be assigned for attendance (students are permitted one unpenalized absence from their assigned conference over the course of the term; each absence thereafter will be penalized with a reduction of 1% from the course grade; students absent from more than six conference sessions will not receive credit for the course). A grade out of 10% will be assigned for a critical oral presentation (5-10 minutes) of one of the assigned weekly readings. Presentations should highlight major themes of the reading, identify points of illumination and/or contention, and serve as a platform for discussion. A grade out of 5% of the course grade will be assigned for participation in conference discussions, which are expected to be vigorous, and to reflect careful reading and consideration of course materials. Conferences will be held weekly, on Fridays -- students are required to register for conference sessions on Minerva. Term papers will be research papers of 1250-1500 words on assigned topics. Paper topics and guidelines will be circulated early in term, and discussed in class. Papers are due at the beginning of class on Monday, Nov. 28, 2011. Late submissions will not be accepted, and will result in a grade of “0” for the assignment . Final exam
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COMS 230 Course Syllabus - COMS 230-Communication and...

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