Syllabus+Fall+11 - EAB 3764 (3724): Applied Behavior...

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EAB 3764 (3724): Applied Behavior Analysis Course Syllabus, Fall 2011 General Instructor: Gracie Beavers Room: PSY, Room 130 Email: Phone: 352.514.4228 Office: Psych. Bldg. Rm. #392 Overview This is an introductory course in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Topics to be covered include: • Basic principles of learning • ABA research methods and techniques • Applications of ABA across a wide range of populations, settings, and behaviors. All course-related information will be posted on the Sakai website, which you can access by logging in with your username and password (the same as your UF account) at: . Therefore, please check this website frequently. Rather than using Sakai for sending email to me, the best way to contact me is at the email address above. Objectives The goal of this course is to introduce students to the field of applied behavior analysis. Students will learn about behavioral principles and their application to wide range of socially-relevant problems through assigned reading—chapters from the course text as well as research articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Lectures will review, supplement, and expand upon material covered in assigned readings. Quizzes and tests will provide students with opportunities throughout the term to demonstrate understanding of course material. Text and Readings Miltenberger, R.G. (2008). Behavior modification: Principles and procedures. (4 th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Additional readings will be assigned from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and will be available on the course website. Format and Schedule A lecture/discussion format will be used. Chapters and readings will be assigned for each class (see schedule). Lectures will supplement the reading material or will present new information related to, but not contained in, the readings. Lecture notes will be posted on the course website. Note : Schedule deviations may occur and will be announced in class and posted on the course website. Quizzes and Tests Quizzes: A one-question quiz will be given at the beginning of each class on the material assigned for that day. If a text chapter (or part of a chapter) was assigned, the question will be based on the summary and study questions at the end. If a reading was assigned, the question will be based on the accompanying study objectives, available on the website. Each quiz will be worth 5
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Syllabus+Fall+11 - EAB 3764 (3724): Applied Behavior...

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