Lab Ex 1 - Statistics 440 Lab Exercises 1 Before you begin...

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Statistics 440: Lab Exercises 1 1 Before you begin: Login to Illinois Compass ( and download all of the files from Data/Lab 1 folder. Move the files to the folder you use for the class files (e.g D:\ netid ). Exercise 1: Exploring Your SAS Environment under Windows Starting a SAS Session 1. From the Start menu, select Programs > SAS > SAS 9.2 (English) . How you invoke SAS varies by your operating environment and any customizations in effect at your site. 2. Open the file either by selecting File b Open , or by clicking on . Enhanced Editor The Enhanced Editor (the default editor on Windows) provides many helpful features, including color coding and automatically retaining the program after each submit, eliminating the need to recall your program. In the Enhanced Editor, each program you open will open a new Enhanced Editor. You can have numerous Enhanced Editors open at one time. However, if you are using the Program Editor, you can only have one Program Editor open at a time. p The Enhanced Editor is available only on Windows. p The program contains three steps: a DATA step and two PROC steps. As you browse the program, notice the following: The syntax is color-coded to show – step boundaries – keywords – variable and data set names. A section boundary line separates each step.
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Statistics 440: Lab Exercises 1 2 With the Enhanced Editor, you have the ability to minimize and maximize each DATA or PROC step. A minus sign next to DATA or PROC indicates that the code has been expanded. To minimize the DATA or PROC step, click on the minus sign. Once the step has been minimized, the minus sign turns into a plus sign . To maximize the step after it has been minimized, click on the plus sign. p You can customize the appearance and functionality of the Enhanced Editor by selecting Tools b Options b Enhanced Editor . 3. Issue the SUBMIT command or click on or select Run b Submit to submit the program for execution. The output from the program is displayed in the Output window. p You can submit the code when it is collapsed. This is helpful if you want to highlight a portion of the program and submit only that portion. You can highlight the entire line that is visible for a step and submit it. To highlight the entire line, click to the left of the plus sign . Navigating in Your SAS Session The Results and Output windows are displayed when you submit a program that generates output. You can use the Ctrl and Tab keys to navigate between windows. You can use the SAS window bar at the bottom of the workspace to navigate between all of the windows in the SAS windowing environment or to minimize and maximize windows. Each window in the workspace has its own menu selections that reflect
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Lab Ex 1 - Statistics 440 Lab Exercises 1 Before you begin...

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