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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment - Hayes Ryan Hayes Jessalyn...

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Hayes Ryan Hayes Jessalyn Vallade COM 135 November 17, 2009 Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Hillary Clinton, a very well known politician, gave her foreign policy address as secretary of state on July 15, 2009. According to Clinton (2009), the audience is “filled with not only many friends and colleagues, but people who have served in prior administrations”. However, just because the audience may be her “friends”, it does not necessarily mean they will agree with her plan on foreign policy. This was taken in an arena setting, which may cause some discomfort. When Clinton was speaking, she could not move because the camera was focused on the podium. There were several objects that were fairly close to the podium, possibly for security reasons, but it could be extremely distracting to her. The host, Richard, was also a distraction because Hillary had to address and thank him for giving her this opportunity. There were also several times when the audience either clapped or laughed at a joke causing Mrs. Clinton to pause within her speech. With a fairly comfortable audience and some challenges within the speech, Hillary was able to convince her audience that her plan in foreign policy was valid. There are issues in the world that America must face and challenge in order to make America and the world have a better quality of life. Mrs. Clinton has been a senator, a first lady to former President Bill Clinton, and has been in the political world for decades. From her experiences, she has seen many parts of the world and cares about the prosperity of everyone while living in peace. She is known to be a Democrat, so she has an obvious bias to the left. It
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Hayes affects the message mainly because most her plans are based of Obama’s plans to address these foreign issues. With that in mind, her general purpose was to convince her audience that this administration will make changes to foreign agenda. The specific sub purposes were that the audience should know five policy approaches: reestablishing alliances in Europe, use diplomacy against nations that do not agree with us, spread our development to those countries not as fortunate, bring civilian and military action in areas of conflict, and increase our influence in the world through economic strength and our example (Clinton 2009). Within these main points, she discusses many various topics including the state of the poor, women, nuclear weapons, counterterrorism, and etc. Her proposition is that no nation can meet the world’s challenges alone and most nations worry about the same global threats, but these nations might not be able to help because of their own obstacles. A proposition is a statement that someone wants their audience to agree with. The statements are true because more people that are involved, the more likely a task can be accomplished and I think deep inside everyone wants to live in peace. These are relevant in that some of her plans involve collaborating with other nations. She says in her
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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment - Hayes Ryan Hayes Jessalyn...

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