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Group Project Speech- Former President Bush Post 9/11 speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2Z7JyST- qs How he gets the audience’s attention- by saying to Americans (the audience) that their values (freedom and living peacefully) were under attack by deliberate and deadly terrorist acts He gives the audience a reason to listen- because the topic is timely 9/11 affected everyone in the country, and a way to show strength for a president is giving a speech expressing the anger and grief of the country. He introduces the subject- by using several images: pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, buildings collapsing filled us with disbelief and anger…intended to frightened our nation but failed… this gives the audience a pretty good idea what’s going on especially since the event has just happened Credibility- for one, he was the president of the United States at the time, He establishes great
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Unformatted text preview: credibility by showing he is knowledgeable with current affairs. He is not trying to make a story; he uses simple sentences and goes straight to the point without really saying what has already happened…instead he goes into what he is going to do Preview main ideas- Most of his main ideas are sentences of reassurance and strength so that we as citizens feel both comfortable country is strong…shake foundations of buildings but not of America…attacked for brightest beacon of freedom…saw evil and responded with best of America…emergency response plan…military is ready…rescue efforts…protect citizens and others from further attack…economy will be open the next day. With these 5 keys to the introduction and his many images of September 11 th , he hooks the audience into his plan of action....
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