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Self Reflection Informative Speech - Ryan Hayes COM 135...

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Ryan Hayes COM 135 Self Reflection: Informative Speech 10/6/09 After watching the speech a couple of times, I noticed much improvement from last time. I was able to attract my audience with an interesting topic that was not a concept in the textbook. I noticed many people did this and it was not as effective because we usually do not consider the textbook interesting. My speech was effective because the audience was able to see why Insomnia is increasing and the ways to prevent insomnia, which was my specific purpose. My main strengths allowed me to attract the audience. My greatest strength I believe was my strong introduction. My joke in the beginning caused some laughs as well as my story, which allowed everyone to focus on my speech. I realized that the beginning was important, so if I knew that if I showed confidence in the beginning, I would receive the attention I needed. My next greatest strength was my PowerPoint. If I had any words in the PowerPoint, they were short; my pictures created more laughs, and the graphs had my audience shocked about some of my statistics. And since the words were short, it allowed me to look at my audience, because I
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Self Reflection Informative Speech - Ryan Hayes COM 135...

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