Self Reflection Persuasive Speech

Self Reflection Persuasive Speech - Ryan Hayes COM 135 Self...

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Ryan Hayes COM 135 Self Reflection: Persuasive Speech 11/6/09 After watching my speech a few times, I think I was successful in terms of sending the message to my audience. My audience learned about EDUN and learned where and how to get the clothing, which was my overall message. EDUN was unique and I related it to students because they can buy the clothing, which is fashionable (to me at least) and EDUN is providing jobs to the people in these Third World Countries, particularly in Africa. My three strengths for this speech were much different from last time. First, my volume was high as usual, but this time I think it was consistent throughout the speech. This was because the second thing that changed was my confidence. For some reason (I am still not sure), once I was up there, I was not nearly as nervous as the last time I was up (excluding impromptu). Maybe that was because I practiced in front of mirror a billion times, or maybe it was because I have done this so many times already and I am starting to get comfortable with my audience, since the audience is the same group of people every time. The main point is that I felt more confident for my speech, which made things like posture improve as well. I felt that my eye
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Self Reflection Persuasive Speech - Ryan Hayes COM 135 Self...

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