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Self Reflection Speech of Introduction

Self Reflection Speech of Introduction - bobbing like a...

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Ryan Hayes COM 135 Self Evaluation: Speech of Introduction 9/14/09 After listening to myself, I think my speech was effective. I was able to tell the three main points of the speech, and information in the body helps these three points. The three main points that I could tell were that I was pretty loud and clear. Once I got to the note cards, I sounded confident and was loud so that everyone could hear. I was in general organized. Practicing the speech several and having the one or two words on the note cards triggered the main point which allowed me to sound more conversational which I believe was my third strong point. Weaknesses were evident in that I tried to memorize the introduction. TERRIBLE IDEA! There were 3 or 4 times during the introduction where I just sat there trying to remember what I already remembered 10 minutes ago! I didn’t want to look stupid by saying uh uh uh…but I am not sure what is worse. When I got to my notes during the speech I noticed that my head was
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Unformatted text preview: bobbing like a violent bobble head doll. There must be a more calm way to do that, because I found that kind of annoying. And to go with that, I made eye contact, but it was not long enough to really feel like it. Three goals will definitely be to make sure that the introduction is both good in that there are little mistakes and no pauses!! Otherwise, I am going to lose the audience’s attention or lose the steam to a joke (which happened but I tried to make it up by saying where’s the sense of humor but my fault anyway). I must also try to find a way to look at my note cards more comfortably so that my eye contact can be more than a couple seconds. Specifically, for the introduction I WILL have some index cards for so I do not forget. For note cards, maybe try to speak in front of a friend and see if he or she can point out how to fix my problems with looking at the cards and looking at the audience....
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