Ahmad ibn Tulun writing assignment

Ahmad ibn Tulun writing assignment - gave him Religion also...

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Ryan Hayes Dr. Gordon/Jenny Ernie-Steighner Ibn Tulun Assignment 9/3/08 1. Harun al Rashid was the 5 th ruler of the Abbasid Dynasty who received his education from being in the courts. He became a ruler from the success of his generals. Bukhara was a city of commerce (the center of trade) that was located on the Silk Road. Tarsus is a city in Turkey that prospered from the excellent soil and the Mediterranean. Coadjutor is an assistant in any way, in this case, the regent. Fiscal is anything that relates to finance. So the officers did not make any profit for being part of the finance administration. 2. The first thing that caused tension was when the caliph went to Ibn Tulun instead of Ibn al-Mudabbir’s successor to address his requests for the Egyptian contributions to the treasury. Even though al-Muwaffaq was under Ibn Tulun, he still acted as if he had supreme power. The next issue was that al-Muwaffaq wanted money from Ibn Tulun for his campaign against the Zanj revolt, but al-Muwaffaq was not pleased of what Ibn Tulun
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Unformatted text preview: gave him. Religion also caused tension as they both condemned each other as curses in the mosques. If it were not for the rebellion, al-Muwaffaq would have probably attacked Ibn Tulun with his forces. 3. After reading Pre-Industrial Societies , I can definitely see how Ahmad got to where he was. In the reading, in order to be the leader, you need to know how to enforce the law, and a leader must show that he is capable of defending a nation as well as making it prosper. Ahmad was able to become a ruler by being successful on the battlefield. If a ruler is able to perform on the battlefield, it gives regular citizens confidence that he will defend the civilization as well as perform justice. Once he did that, he created administrations and jobs that required a area of expertise. Everyone else belonged in the fields. This complex society was able to exist because of Ahmad’s military expertise. Her description definitely helped me in seeing how Ahmad ibn Tulun got to the top....
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Ahmad ibn Tulun writing assignment - gave him Religion also...

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