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prep for test 1 - YahwehTime Era- Around 13th Century BCE...

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Yahweh- Time Era- Around 13 th Century BCE when Moses is credited with directing the Hebrews toward the worship of an national god, the god now named Yahweh Where- Egypt and the “Promised Land” now Israel Yahweh is the Jewish God that helped brought the Hebrews together. Historical Significance- With the help of Yahweh through his prophet, Moses, he lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and slavery into the Promised Land. When people would go astray from Yahweh, the prophets insisted that bad things would happen to them. For example, Yahweh punished his chosen people when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians, but allowed his people to return to Jerusalem. Polis The polis was part of the Greek culture, and the polis started to develop around 800 BCE. Polis is another word for a city state, and it is the political unit that keeps the people and the city together. Every polis had an acropolis which was a place to take refuge during an attack. The acropolis allowed people to be more focused on politics and religion. The system was so successful and rich that you can find any kind of government for each city state: monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, and democracy. Examples of key city states were Athens and Sparta. When Sparta and Athens joined forces against the Persians, that allowed the Greeks to expand to a great empire. Alexander the Great Who He became the leader of Macedonia when his father was assassinated in 336 BCE. Alexander was a gifted leader from Greece who used his gifts to conquer the world. For example, he convinced his father’s old friends who were in power to swear their loyalty to him. He was one of the few who was so successful in conquering lands. And if someone were to rebel, he would bring them down by force. His mother claimed that he was the son of the god Zeus. He was taught by Aristotle. He conquered most of Persia, and then died in 323 BCE of a mysterious illness. He is important because he blended the greek and Persian cultures together and founded many cities while conquering. His
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prep for test 1 - YahwehTime Era- Around 13th Century BCE...

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