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Early Christian Church The Early Christian Church started around 50 C.E. in Israel, but then Paul was teaching and preaching the word of Jesus across the Roman Empire. Christianity did not have any real differences in practices or beliefs with other cult religions. Christianity, however, was more appealing because Jesus was a real person whose teachings were preserved. It was also popular and aggressive because it called for the spiritual equality of all people- rich and poor, slaves, male and female. It also offered happiness in heaven. The Romans persecuted the Christians at first because they believed it was a danger to their society and state. People saw death as a symbol of their faith to God. When Romans finally saw that Christianity would unite most of the empire, they made it the official religion. The early church was important because people’s actions forced the Romans to change their minds.
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Unformatted text preview: Otherwise, Christians would have been exterminated from the Earth. Muhammad-Muhammad was born around 570 CE in Arabia. Muhammad is considered the last great prophet, who started preaching after seeing visions of the archangel Gabriel. He preached in Medina and Mecca, the major religious cities of Islam. When he finished his journey in 622 CE, it was the starting point of the Islamic religion. From his teachings, there have been biographies of the life of Muhammad, and there is also the Qur’an. Some of the things that came out of Muhammad is the Five Pillars, which are the essential duties of all Muslims. His teachings caused Islam to have one of the most followers in the world, behind Christianity. It is also the fastest growing religion....
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