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Ryan Hayes Jenny HST 197 Written Assignment 6 Juvaini presents the Mongols with riddles, symbolism, poetry, and a whole lot of praise, almost as if Chingiz Khan was meant to bring the unorganized tribes into an empire. Carpini uses more realistic and historical information. Without Chingiz, the tribes would have continued to face hardships, poverty, and misfortune (Juviani 22). His comments are biased because he is part of the culture. God gave Chingiz Khan his wisdom and intelligence to conquer the world (Juviani 23). I did not see any negatives on Chingiz; He mentions one of the greatest conquerors Alexander being a pupil of Khan, Khan killing almost wiping out tribes, and honoring all religions (Juivani 24, 25, 26 respectively). Brutality is shown. If somebody let a game go through, they would be often put to death (Juviani 28). The most successful way to keep an army strong was “starving thy dog that it may follow thee” (Juviani 30). Besides examples of cruelty, he is extremely positive on
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Unformatted text preview: Khan. Carpini is more neutral and realistic in how the empire came about. For example, there were at one time four tribes: the Yekamongal, Su-Mongal, merkit, and Mecrit (Carpini 19). Khan learned to steal and take men for prey and took these men as his followers (Carpini 19). After Khan did this, he started conquering anybody that opposed him. The difference between the texts is several Mongol defeats that show that it wasnt so easy to conquer. the Mongols were defeated and all the Mongol nobles in that army were killed with the exception of seven (Carpini 20). However, Khan decided to try again in which he was successful in defeating the Kitayans (Carpini 21). After defeating this foe, Khan was considered the Emperor (Carpini 21). The Tartars were again defeated when the dogs killed many Tartars (Carpini 23). In conclusion, it is obvious that Juvaini is biased in favor of Khan, so I would rather read Carpinis version of how the Mongols came to power....
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