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A Search Engine That Relies on Humans http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/05/a-search-engine-that-relies-on-humans/? ref=technology Google is the face of the search engine. Whenever you want to know about something, most people use Google. There are others like ask.com, yahoo, and bing is also attracting consumers, but ultimately, Google is number 1. But one complaint that I usually have is when it comes to a specific question or a topic that is not really covered on search engines, Google does not do a great job. This is when you would want someone like your teacher/professor or just people knowledgeable about the topic on a search engine. That is exactly what Aardvark is trying to. They want to create a “social” search engine. Although this has been worked on for many years, it has not caught on, until the emergence of facebook, MySpace, and twitter. This new idea is a way to challenge Google’s search engine, since they focus on their ever so popular search engine. Aardvark instead of finding appropriate websites and hyperlinks to your search, they
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