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What Start-Ups Can Teach Big Companies teach-big-companies/?ref=technology This article talks about the main advantages of open source software. In fact, the article suggests that big company should follow these patterns, mainly because of the decrease in costs. Not only that, but it accelerates all processes, like testing new ideas, learning or finding out about new customers, and makes it easier to fix mistakes. These things like taught in class “customize the software to the needs of the customer” which is exactly what the article is saying. However, training employees to use the open source software is important, as well as controlling the customization of the software. This business model will receive a higher quality by many receivers. The only thing I have to say is that if these “big” companies are already successful, their system is probably working just fine.
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Unformatted text preview: However, it seems that if you have a new idea that needs to be tested, open-source software might be the most beneficial to your company. Class last week was fine. Going over open source in class made me break the stereotype that it’s “free”. There are benefits though with an easier way to customize the software to the needs of the customer. Extreme programming and Waterfall approaches are extremely different in that waterfall is more structured and agile programming focuses on feedback, and it allows everyone to be on the same page. The readings this weekend were intense, I cannot believe all this happens, I mean I guess it happens every once in awhile for everyone, but I didn’t realize that people do it for fun. That really shocked me, and it is crazy that there is no way to get them behind bars. But I guess all of this is for the continued and improved convenience of the internet....
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