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Two Billion Laptops? It May Not Be Enough The nonprofit organization One Laptop Per Child or OLPC has been having trouble reaching their goal of one laptop for every child in developing countries. 1.6 million laptops to date have been distributed, and the largest concentrations are in Uruguay and Peru. The original goal was to “revolutionize” the way children learned in the classroom. Since they had difficulty with the costs of sending and receiving laptops, now it is just an essential resource. They debated whether to change the name, since it is misleading, but no other name for the organization is as catchy. People claim that a child owning a laptop can extend a couple hours of class during the day. If there isn’t enough for everyone, Microsoft has tried to create technology where you can have multiple mouses for the same computer. The big question is: is technology better than teachers? The general answer is no.
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Unformatted text preview: If you have a professor that has a great reputation, then technology is a great way to make your education more valuable. However, if the teacher is poor, computers are almost useless. I had laptops in my high school, and most of the teachers were not the greatest. It caused most kids to look at other things at their interests. I can tie this into MIS by talking about information system. Information systems use technology, but it cannot work on its own. People are a vital source in order to have the system work, and the same goes to the classroom. It is the teacher that is more important than the equipment. Exercise 4 went extremely well. Everyone in the group including myself was prepared and we split jobs to everyone, which was effective. I could not be more satisfied with Monday’s results. I thought our last class was very engaging. Many people participated, and we worked on some real world examples like Hershey and Halloween which made the lesson more understandable to grasp....
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