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Business Problem Solving Assignment - Applying What you...

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Unformatted text preview: Applying What you Learned to Solve a Business Problem Course objective After completing this course students should be able to Describe the decision making process and how information technologies support decision making at all levels in an organization. Choose when spreadsheet and database technologies are applicable to solve various business problems. Learning objective for this assignment You are now almost through your MIS 235 Experience. This assignment is designed to help you think through and recognize your understanding of both the role technology plays in support of decision making episodes in organizations and how the knowledge you personally have about technology could be applied. Assignment Assume that you work for a company similar to Northwinds in which the Chief Marketing Officer is trying to solve the following problem. You can also assume that this organization has information systems in place to accurately record transactions in a relational data base and a 10 year history of this...
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