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exercise 4 memo - To Northwinds Company From Ryan Hayes...

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To: Northwinds Company From: Ryan Hayes, analyst of shippers Subject: Overall Assessment of the Three Shipping Companies After reviewing the three shipping companies Federal Shipping, Speedy Express, and United Package, I have concluded that Speedy Express is the best, Federal Shipping is second, and United Package is the worst performer. However, it is difficult to have a worst when each have several advantages that we cannot ignore. For Speedy Express, the main things that caught my eye were the amount of profitability the shipping company received in the top 5 most profitable countries. Out of the top 5 countries, Speedy was on top in three countries: Germany (most profitable), Austria, and Brazil (3 rd and 4 th most respectively). That sent a signal that this company will be extremely important. They do have a problem with total number of days in late shipments, having the 2 nd most only behind Federal Shipping, but it was more profitable, which holds to my opinion that Speedy Express is the best choice of shippers.
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