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Google Is Not Alone in Discontent blog

Google Is Not Alone in Discontent blog - ,...

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Google Is Not Alone in Discontent, but Its Threat to Leave Stands Out http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/14/business/global/14western.html?ref=asia This week Google announced that it would stop censoring its search results in China and potentially leave the country. This was primarily because there were attacks made on Google’s computers, and according to people within the company, it originated in China. It sent a trigger to the company, since these attacks can greatly damage the company. Google in the past has cooperated with China’s censoring policies, but now they have had enough with China. But who is leaving who? It seems to be China. Hu Yong, a journalist at Peking University puts it in the best terms. “I think in the information technology sector, not only foreign companies are under very heavy pressure, but also private domestic companies. The general trend is that the government wants state-owned companies to occupy major positions in this field”. It seems like
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