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proflowers - From customer table order table product table...

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To : Mr. Sean Lancaster From : Madyson Halling, Ryan Hayes, Matt Mccormick, Aunna Matthiesen Date: Monday, February 08, 2010 Subject : BPM for Proflowers.com Online Process The purpose of this memo is to get a better understanding of Proflowers business, and to walk through thebusiness process for Proflowers.com ordering process. Proflowers Business Process for Online Ordering See attachment below. SQL for Proflowers Select count customer ID as “Hockey promotion orders”,
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Unformatted text preview: From customer table, order table, product table Where promotion code = “hockey” and customer.customerID = order.customerID and order.productID = product.productID Select fname, lname, shipping address, From customer table, order table Where ship date =#02/14/10# and customer.customerID = order.customerID Order by lname Proflowers Online Databases...
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