Why Cant the irs help fill in the blanks

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Why Can’t the I.R.S. Help Fill in the Blanks?  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/24/business/24digi.html?ref=technology Even though I am a student, and have not personally done my own taxes, I have seen my parents do their taxes, and let me tell you, they hate this particular time of the year. This article is offering an argument that says that when we file our income tax returns, that it should be really easy and quick since we are in the digital age. Instead, however, it is still an annoying and lengthy process because people have to start from “scratch”. The thing is that through the taxing authority’s database, they already have the information that you the taxpayer have sent in previous years. This is article is suggesting that the authority sends the information back to you so that “you can get the ball rolling” and not have to dig up and find the same information that you have sent in the previous years. It is a great idea because you can add on and change information as you may have just married or had a child. So instead of doing the usual
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