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prelim 1 regrade form

prelim 1 regrade form - scanned copy However you should not...

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OR 3300/5300 Optimization I 10/19/2011 Prelim I re-grade request To request a re-grade fill out this form and submit it digitally as the Assignment  Pr1 Re-grading   no  later than 11:00 a.m. on 10/25 . You will want to carefully review the  Solutions with Grading Notes  file  in the  Prelim Resources  folder before submitting a request. Please submit only substantive requests. The number of points at stake does not have to be  large, but the request must be based on a reasonable perception that the grader made an error.  (Graders may only evaluate what you wrote, not what you could have written.) List the question and part number of the part you want re-graded in the left-hand margin below  and provide a brief explanation. You will not need to return your exam paper at this time – we have a 
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Unformatted text preview: scanned copy. However, you should not write anything in your graded exam book if you are submitting a re-grade request. The grader may need to see your original exam at some point. You may not submit a re-grade request if you have written anywhere in your graded exam book after it was returned to you. Do not write in your graded exam book until you are satisfied that you will not be requesting a re-grade. Be aware that if the grader finds a mistake in grading that worked to your advantage, those points could be deducted in the re-grade process. Your name _______________________________________ Your Cornell netid ________________________ Name __________________________ Signature _________________________...
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