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OD final 1. Why does unethical behavior occur? Give recommendations for creating an ethical organization and the role an individual plays in making it successful. 2. Organizational culture is very important in all organizations. Describe how you think it should be passed to new employees. Do you think all employees will understand and adhere to the culture you want? 3. What is organizational learning? In what ways can managers promote the development of organizational learning by acting at various levels in the organization? 4. Why is it important to maintain a balance of power between different groups of organizational
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Unformatted text preview: stakeholders? 5. "An organization should always adopt a broad stance on social responsibility.” Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. What social responsibility actions should an organization undertake? 6. Describe organization change. Do you think it is more effective to use an internal agent or an external agent? Why? 7. Pick one of the topics that we discussed from the book this term. What did you learn from the book and discussion board that will help you plan or make decisions in your business life?...
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