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Week 1 DB - Week 1 1. What is the relationship among...

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Week 1 1. What is the relationship among organizational theory, design, change, and organizational structure and culture? Organizational theory is the study of how organizations function and how they affect and are affected by the environment in which they operate. Organizational structure is the formal system of task and authority relationships that control how people coordinate their actions and use resources to achieve an organization’s goals. Organizational culture is the set of shared values and norms that control organizational members’ interactions with each other and with suppliers, customers, and other people outside the organization. Organizational design is the process by which managers select and manage aspects so structure and culture so an organization can control the activities necessary to achieve its goals. Organizational design has important implications for a company’s competitive advantage, its ability to deal with contingencies and manage diversity, its efficiency, its ability to generate new goods and services, its control of the environment, its coordination and motivation of employees, and its development and implementation of strategy. References Jones, Gareth, and Mathew, Mary. (2010) Organizational Theory, Design, and Change . Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. 2. What is organizational effectiveness?
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Week 1 DB - Week 1 1. What is the relationship among...

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