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Week 3 DB - Week 3 1 In what ways can the informal...

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Week 3 1. In what ways can the informal organization and the norms and values of its culture affect the shape of an organization? An organization can control its member and their activities in different ways, ranging from personal control by managers in the hierarchy, to control through formalization and standardization, to informal control by means of norms and values. Structuring an organization to solve control problems requires decisions about all the different methods of control. The structure of every organization reflects the particular contingencies it faces so every organization has a structure that is somewhat different. Nevertheless, some generalizations can be made about how organizations fashion a structure to control people and resources effectively. First, managers increase the level of vertical differentiation, paying particular attention to keeping the organization as flat as possible and to maintaining an appropriate balance between centralization and decentralization. Secondly, increase horizontal differentiation and also increase vertical differentiation. Third, they have to decide how much they can use rules, SOPs, and norms to control activities. 2. How can the principles of bureaucracy help managers design the organizational hierarchy? The principles of bureaucracy can help managers design the organizational hierarchy because it is fair and equitable, and it can promote organizational effectiveness by improving organizational design. However, problems can arise if bureaucratic principles are not followed and if managers allow the organization to become too tall and centralized. 3. When does bureaucracy become a problem in an organization?
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Week 3 DB - Week 3 1 In what ways can the informal...

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