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Week 5 DB - Week 5 1. How can technology increase...

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Week 5 1. How can technology increase organizational effectiveness? An organization taking the external resource approach uses technology to increase its ability to manage and control external stakeholders. Any new technological developments that allow an organization to improve its service to customers, such as the ability to customize products or to increase products’ quality and reliability, increases the organization’s effectiveness. Organizations use technology to become more efficient, more innovative, and better able to meet the needs and desires of stakeholders. 2. What makes some tasks more complex than others? Give an example of an organization that uses each of the four types of technology identified by Perrow. Charles Perrow, argues that complex continuous-process technology such as the technology used in nuclear power plants is so complicated that it is uncontrollable. Perrow acknowledges that control systems are designed with backup systems to handle problems as they arise and that backup systems exist to compensate for failed backup systems. Perrow argues that some continuous-process technology is so complex that no organizational structure can allow managers to safely operate it, no standard operating procedures can be devised to manage to problems in advance, and no integrating mechanism used to promoted mutual adjustments will
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Week 5 DB - Week 5 1. How can technology increase...

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