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Week 7 1. What is the relationship among creativity, intrapreneurship, and innovation? Innovation, intrapreneurship, and creativity are closely related concepts, and each is vital to build a knowledge-creating organization. Innovation is the development of new products or new production and operating systems (including new forms of organizational structures). Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs inside an organization who are responsible for the success or failure of a project. Creativity is ideas going beyond the current boundaries, whether those boundaries are based on technology, knowledge, social norms, or beliefs. 2. What is project management? How should managers decide which projects to pursue? Project management is the process of leading and controlling a project so it results in the creation of effective new or improved products. Effective project management begins with a clearly articulated plan that take a product from it concept phase, to its initial test phase, to the modification phase, and to the final manufacturing or in the case of services setup phase. After
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