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Chapter 10-13 quiz 4
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Location on Site: Chapter 10 > Chapter Quiz 1. Each of the following is a type of rater typically included in a multi-source assessment EXCEPT: Correct Answer: previous supervisors. 2. The amount and type of work contact an evaluator has with the person being assessed is called: Correct Answer: task acquaintance. 3. When job candidates are given three hours to handle a series of activities and challenges that simulate what a job is like, which assessment method is being used? Correct Answer: Assessment center 4. The nine-box matrix is a
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combined assessment of an employee's: Correct Answer: performance and potential. 5. Which rater is best able to observe an employee's task and interpersonal behaviors at work? Correct Answer: The employee 6. Internal assessment is NOT useful for assessing employees' competencies to determine their fit with the requirements of other jobs in the company. Your Answer: 7. Making staffing decisions based on seniority enhances person-job fit. Your Answer: 8. The career crossroads model proposes that different leadership levels in an organization require different
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sets of competencies and values. Correct Answer: True 9. The nine box matrix is a combined assessment of an employee's competencies and job performance. Correct Answer: False 10. Mentoring develops the skills of both the mentor and protégé. Your Answer: Location on Site: Chapter 11 > Chapter Quiz 1. Allowing high scores on some assessments to compensate for low scores on other assessments is an example of the: Correct Answer: compensatory approach.
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2. __________ are intended to stop a current or former employee from giving away trade secrets or using confidential data like customer lists for a competitor's benefit. Correct Answer: Non-disclosure agreements 3. Low job offers: Your Answer: 4. When a candidate turns down a job offer it is a good idea to: Correct Answer: wait a few months before ask down the offer. 5. Hiring a candidate as a temporary employee can be an alternative to: Correct Answer: reneging. 6. If office assistant candidates
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must be able to type at least 75 words per minute to be hired, 75 words per minute is a cut score during hiring. Correct Answer: True 7. Course grades are an example of banding. Your Answer: 8. Companies pursuing a competitive advantage based on innovation often use nondisclosure agreements to protect their discoveries. Correct Answer: True 9. A high job offer does not allow further negotiation. Your Answer: 10. A written employment contract is an implicit employment contract. Correct Answer: False
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Location on Site: Chapter 12 > Chapter Quiz 1. Holding brief meetings the first day and then over the next few weeks is an example of: Your Answer: 2. The primary goal of socialization is to: Correct Answer: get new employees up to spe familiarize them with the org 3. If cost cutting is a goal of the downsizing, __________ downsizing can best obtain this goal.
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