Quiz 1 ch 1-3

Quiz 1 Ch 1-3
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Unformatted text preview: Location on Site: Chapter 1 > Chapter Quiz 1. Strategic staffing means: Correct Answer: staffing an organization in future o directed ways that support the org strategy and enhance organizatio 2. Deployment involves: Correct Answer: assigning talent to appropriate job organization. 3. If a staffing spet analyzes the organization's business forecast and the economic forecast for the firm's industry to determine the firm's likely future demand for certain types of talent, which of the following is being done? Correct Answer: Planning 4. Which of the following is NOT a component of strategic staffing? Correct Answer: Training 5. Negotiating a job offer with a candidate is part of: Correct Answer: acquiring. 6. Although staffing practices can influence turnover rates, staffing practices have not been found to influence a firm's stock market performance. Your Answer: 8. Firms should select only those candidates who already possess the skills that can be quickly and cheaply trained by the firm. Correct Answer: False 9. Forecasting the skills the organization will need in the future is an example of employer branding . Correct Answer: False 10. The final hiring decision is usually made by a staffing spet. Your Answer: Location: Chapter2 1. Which of the following is NOT a question addressed by a firm's talent philosophy? Correct Answer: How many employees will we nee objectives? 2. A firm pursuing a competitive strategy based on a customer intimacy competitive advantage would probably focus its staffing efforts for its customer-oriented positions on: Correct Answer: hiring adaptable team players with 3. Acquiring a stock of quality talent creates a: Correct Answer: human capital advantage. 4. If a company's successful recruiting practice can be easily copied by a competitor, the recruiting practice fails to have which requirement of a competitive advantage? Your Answer: 5. A company's talent focus often becomes more internal during the __________ stage of their life cycle. Correct Answer: maturity 6. A talent philosophy is a system of beliefs about how employees should be treated. Correct Answer: True 7. Companies pursuing a differentiation strategy often try to develop a competitive advantage based on operational excellence. Your Answer: 8. An external talent focus requires hiring people with the potential to perform well in the organization's training and development programs and eventually assume leadership positions in the organization. ...
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