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Research paper guidlines

Research paper guidlines - See Troy University Library’s...

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MGT 4481 - Research Paper Guidelines Style: APA Format # of Pages: 10+ (including cover page, abstract page, &reference page); so the BODY of your research paper must be a minimum of seven (7) pages References: You must use a minimum of seven (7) resources and at least five (5) of those resources must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals*. *Of those 5 articles, the article MUST be a minimum of 5 pages. Subject: Topic from the Textbook (Check the Table of Contents and/or the Subject Index) for an acceptable topic. (If you do not choose an acceptable topic, you will not earn any credit for your research paper. Additional Information:
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Unformatted text preview: See Troy University Library’s Writing Center http://troy.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_17_1&url=%2Fwebapps %2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_252758_1%26url%3D Additional Requirements: Must use turnitin.com (details will follow) – only use the account that I set up – do not use any other account that you have access to Must also use/follow the sample research outline I provided. (Some students have used the five (5) areas of research as headings.) MGT 4481_XTIA_Term 1_2011 Research Paper Guidelines August 22, 2011...
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