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Week 1 DB - managers The two goals that should be used are...

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Week 1 DB Question #1 If your CEO asked you why she should invest more money in the organization’s staffing systems, what would you tell her? I would tell her that it is a great choice. The more funds available the more opportunities to better the department and ensure that the employees stay longer and having the best staff available can mean more profit. The foundation of success begins in the way the department is run. This allows the organization to reach their goals and maintain an excellent business strategy. When all of the seven components of the staffing systems are working at their greatest performance the organization will have a strategic advantage over everyone else. DB Question #2 Describe two (2) staffing goals that would reinforce Caribou’s desire to hire the best store
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Unformatted text preview: managers. The two goals that should be used are the process goals and the outcome goals. When dealing with process goals there are several things to consider such as number of applicants, not missing deadlines for hiring people and making sure to follow the law and the company’s policies and procedures during the recruitment process. Outcome goals deals with hiring the best person for the specific job, lowering turnovers, making sure the stakeholders are happy, and making a profit during the process. The outcome goal is what you want to look at when you’re done with the process. This is when you can say that you have hired who you think is the very best person for the job....
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