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Week 2 Please look past previous post. I misread the instructions. Question #1 (Chapter 2) In what situations would position-oriented staffing be preferable to talent-oriented staffing? A situation that would be preferable to use job oriented instead of the talent oriented staffing is when the organization wants to find someone that is genuine and can be dedicated to the job. They can also find someone that wants a better job and is looking to impress people and is willing to work their hardest as long as needed. A job position oriented staffing can be used when an organization is just trying to fill a position fast and doesn’t want to take the time that they need to use, in order to use the other technique of finding a talent oriented person.
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Unformatted text preview: Those specific people have the knowledgeable skills of any trait and are just hired for knowing those skills even when there is not an opening available. Question #2 (Chapter 3) See Strategy Exercise, pages 78-79; however, you will NOT be answering this in a group. 1 . I don’t believe that there is evidence of sexual discrimination among the cashiers. The amount of men that applied for the job where 50 more than the women and yet there are 70% of women working as cashiers and only 30% men. The 4/5 rule comes into play here. There is not an 80% amount of more than one sex than the other when looking at the statistics chart provided. Therefore there is no adverse impact. The amount of population is equal when comparing men versus women....
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