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Week 3 DB - Question #1 Some jobs change so rapidly that...

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Question #1 Some jobs change so rapidly that companies do not feel that job analysis is appropriate because by the time one is done it’s already outdated. What advice would you give such a company to help them get the benefits a job analysis has to offer without wasting unnecessary time and resources doing a traditional job analysis? NOTE: Provide at least TWO (2) recommendations and explain your reasoning/justification. Having a job analysis can help an organization to see where their flaws lay. This can help them to fix these problems and ensure that things run better and productivity can be at their highest levels. My first recommendation would be to have a basic job analysis broken down by family or by category that still identifies the KSAO’s, can save an organization time by not having to change it every time the job description changes. The description may change but the functionality of the job will stay the same. An example of this could be the Task Inventory Approach. My second recommendation would be to use the Structured Questionnaire Method. This method can be used for many positions in an organization and can be kept on file.
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