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Week 6 DB - no guarantees they will result in a successful...

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Question #1 How would you explain to your supervisor that the correlation between interview scores and new hire quality is low and persuade him or her to consider a new job applicant evaluation method? I would explain to my supervisor what a correlation coefficient is and show graphs of the interview scores vs new hire quality or performance vs interview scores to prove that a new method of hiring is needed. I would show as many charts as needed to prove that the quality of the applicants is low. Showing a scatter plot is a graph that can show the relationship between two variables. I would also explain that in the long run in the issue is not fixed then profits would drop and shareholders would not be happy. Question #2 Why go to all the trouble of sometimes costly and time-consuming assessments when there are
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Unformatted text preview: no guarantees they will result in a successful hire? If an organization wants a chance at hiring the best possible candidate to become their employee then this process is necessary. Performing an interview and then assessments can help to decide if a specific person has that “person-job fit and person – organization fit” (pg 234) quality that the organization is looking for. These are two things that every organization is always looking for when hiring for a potential future employee. No one wants to hire someone that will bring down morale or cause a disruption to the way things are currently being ran. These assessments can help prevent these from occurring. Reference Phillips, J. M. & Gully, S. M. (2011). Strategic Staffing (2 nd Ed.). Boston, MA, Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall...
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