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Week 8 DB - We all watched out for each other and took care...

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Question #1 Think of the time you first joined an employer. In what ways did the company and your coworkers socialize you? What could have been done to enhance your socialization experience? At my last job, I was one of the youngest. For me the socialization process was difficult. I was learning and had to mentor someone almost 15 years older than me. I’m sure at first she wasn’t happy about sharing her hours with me but we got along and she introduced me to everyone on the day shift and took me under her wing. She informed me of what to stay away from and how to improve and advance in my position. We actually became very good friends and coworkers. \i would not change anything about the way that they socialized me into their environment. It was like working for one big family.
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Unformatted text preview: We all watched out for each other and took care of one another. Even after not working there for 6 years I still am in contact with many of them today. Question #2 As an applicant, how would you feel knowing that technology was used to make an initial decision to screen you out of the hiring process? Knowing that a computer system or program is what could determine if I was qualified for a position that I wanted and ultimately turned me down for is heartbreaking. If I was an applicant applying for a job then I would obviously have the skill set needed for that job or I wouldn’t be wasting my time applying. A computer system or technological device wouldn’t know how much my heart would want the job or how hard I would work....
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