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test 1 - Test 1 Section A True/False 1 PepsiCo recently...

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Test 1: Section A: True/False 1. PepsiCo recently divested its restaurant divisions to better concentrate on beverages and snack foods. This action is consistent with the discussion of focus in chapter 1. a. True b. False 2. General Electric (GE) and Microsoft are the highest-ranking American companies in The Wall Street Journal’s annual survey of the world’s largest corporations by market capitalization. a. True b. False 3. When comparing the size of global markets in terms of dollar sales, the market for cigarettes is bigger than the market for cell phones. a. True b. False 4. Management myopia is one of the driving forces behind global marketing today. a. True b. False 5. The dollar value of worldwide capital movements exceeds the value of merchandise and services trade. a. True b. False 6. Most economic systems in the world today incorporate elements of both market allocation and command allocation systems. a. True b. False 7. In a country's balance of payments reports, merchandise imports are entered with a minus (-) sign. a. True b. False 8. Suppose Sony Corp. hedges its dollar-denominated receivables by buying a forward contract. This action suggests management expects the dollar to weaken relative to the yen. a. True b. False
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9. In a recent case, the WTO agreed that U.S. President Bush could legally impose tariffs on imported steel. a. True b. False 10. Guatemala has the largest economy (as measured by GNP) of the nations in the Central American Integration System. a. True b. False Section B: Multiple choice 11. According to Michael Porter, a global industry is one in which _________ can be achieved by integrating and leveraging operations on a worldwide scale. a.
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test 1 - Test 1 Section A True/False 1 PepsiCo recently...

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