Syllabus MAR4156-Sp10

Syllabus - MULTINATIONAL MARKETING MAR4156 SECTION 2 SPRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR Daekwan Kim Ph.D OFFICE HOURS Tuesdays Thursdays 3:30pm 4:30pm or by

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1 M ULTINATIONAL M ARKETING MAR4156, S ECTION 2 S PRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Daekwan Kim, Ph.D. OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30pm - 4:30pm or by appointment OFFICE LOCATION: 358 Rovetta Business Building B (RBB) PHONE: (850) 644-7890 EMAIL: COURSE WEBSITE: REQUIRED TEXT: Global Marketing (5 th ed.) by Keegan and Green, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0131754343 RECOMMENDED ONLINE RESOURCES: - - RECOMMENDED READING: The Economist and Business Week COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is an upper level marketing course. This course will explore the complex and constantly evolving realities of international marketing by introducing to you a brief review of the macro level environments (i.e., culture, geography, economics, legal systems, governments, etc.) faced in international markets and then by addressing in some depth the elements of international marketing strategy pertaining to pricing, channels of distribution, consumer and business markets, advertising, sales, exporting, and others. COURSE OBJECTIVES Through the presentation and exploration of course materials and lectures, students in the course will: (1) recognize the cultural, historical, political, economic, legal, ethical, and institutional features that influence the international marketing strategies of multinational firms; (2) learn various concepts and theories pertaining to international marketing; (3) identify international marketing opportunities through international marketing research, market segmentation, and positioning strategies; (4) be able to select appropriate foreign market entry modes that enhance customer value through evaluating and examining pros and cons of each mode of given internal and external marketing environment; (5) develop skills to deliver customer value to local consumers effectively by adopting and implementing culture specific marketing strategies. COURSE CONTENT The course consists of lectures, in-class discussions, cases, group project, and textbook. Lectures and in- class discussions are the primary teaching method of the course and designed to introduce and clarify the topics pertaining to international marketing, and to help students develop strategic decision-making skills for effective international marketing. Cases and group project will provide additional opportunities to relate class topics/materials to the real world. Finally, the textbook will be a good source of comprehensive knowledge on international marketing. CLASS NOTES To facilitate in-class note taking, incomplete PowerPoint slides and other related materials will be provided and available on the course website at least one day prior to the class in which the topic will be covered. The incomplete notes will serve two objectives.
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Syllabus - MULTINATIONAL MARKETING MAR4156 SECTION 2 SPRING 2010 INSTRUCTOR Daekwan Kim Ph.D OFFICE HOURS Tuesdays Thursdays 3:30pm 4:30pm or by

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