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CHAPTER 9 Types of Programming Languages Procedural- instructions, step-by-step Object-oriented- uses objects to specify solution Event-driven- program flow is determined by user actions Types of Programming Errors and remedies Syntax errors- errors in vocab or punct. That prevent the code from compiling Result errors- caused by a logic error, produces an incorrect result Runtime errors- an error in code when program runs, program must be restarted Legal names for variables and constants in VBA VBA syntax for declaring variables and constants Character data uses double quotes, everything else does not Causes and remedies for various types of programming errors Syntax- error in programming entry; use compiler to locate each error Result- error in logic (incorrect parenthesis placement); test it Runtime- unanticipated problem when running; test the program using it like an ignorant user would. VBA data types for variables and constants Variables- byte, integer, long, single, double, currency, character, string, date, time, date and time combined, Boolean, object Constants- tax rate, discount rate VBA syntax for assigning values to variables and constants Value on the right, variable on the left. VBA syntax for declaring arrays and accessing a single item of an array
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Koofer (2) - CHAPTER 9 Types of Programming Languages...

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