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0427 bible notes - 04/27bible notes Book of RuthNaomi has a...

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04/27—bible notes Book of Ruth—Naomi has a husband and 2 sons—start out in Bethlehem and move to Moab—husbands die, and Naomi and Ruth go back to Bethlehem—Ruth is working to provide food for her and Naomi—Ruth picks up food that the workers dropped; this was an Israel tradition, the poor get the food that is leftover —on Boaz’s field Boaz is a relative of Naomi’s husband—Boaz treats Ruth very well—Naomi hatches a plan for Ruth to seduce Boaz so that he can provide for the two women —Boaz can’t marry Ruth because Boaz must offer up Ruth’s land to the closest relative; closest relative turns down the offer, and Boaz takes the land and marries Ruth—Boaz and Ruth have a baby What is the point of the story? —That you can marry between nations because this must’ve been a problem at the time in Israel Ruth is a widower and foreigner; has big problems and the central actor=reasons why it is rightfully called the Book of Ruth
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