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Ang Yuan Xia A0071404U W15 NM1101E AY2011/2012, Term 1 Date: 28 October 2011 Week Number: 11 My participant was aged 63, male, with the level of computer experience as “Not very experienced”. This is because the participant had quit the workforce 13 years ago, and has rarely touched the computer since then. My conceptual model is that the eraser works more accurately when erasing thicker lines, using the bottom tip of the eraser as the focal point and clicking. The entire stroke is erased at once. I believe that the mapping between use of the eraser and the results on the screen is the sensitivity of the eraser to pick up areas of the line which are thicker. Thin or hardly visible lines are difficult to pick up and therefore these areas cannot be used as the pick-up point for the eraser to erase the stroke. The designer’s conceptual model of how the eraser works is that the eraser is activated through clicking, and it erases an entire stroke at a time. The task is made easier when lines are thicker. Unlike the conventional eraser tool in most drawing
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