A0071404U - Concert review of Vienna Boys Choir, Sunday,...

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Concert review of Vienna Boys’ Choir, Sunday, October 9, 2011, Esplanade Concert Hall The concert commenced with the dimming of lights and the sound of young singing voices coming from backstage. A smaller-than-expected sized choir walked on stage, singing a short but impressionable song – Ach, Lieb, ich muss dich lassen. Haydn was one of the four touring choirs from the Vienna Boys’ Choir and was scheduled to have 2 shows in Singapore. The choir comprised of only 23 young boys, but their voices were big and far-reaching. The location also helped to amplify the choir’s voices as the Esplanade’s concert hall has one of the best acoustics features, which include reverberation chambers (echo chambers), acoustic draperies and an acoustic canopy system. One could not help thinking that the entire architecture of the concert hall had a part to play in the song performance of the choir. The intricately designed structure of the hall had thin wooden panels running down the side of the walls, an acoustic canopy down the centre, and a round dome shape for the hall and the roof. The acoustics work by having the reverberation (echo) chambers to produce echoing sounds, though the echo duration was not particularly long, and then create a diffused sound field. The
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A0071404U - Concert review of Vienna Boys Choir, Sunday,...

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