AERO2705_2011_Semester_2 - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND...

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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering AERO2705: SPACE ENGINEERING 1 Semester 2, 2011 | 6 Credit Points | Coordinator(s): Douglass Auld 1. INTRODUCTION This unit aims to introduce students to the terminology, technology and current practice in the field of Space Engineering. Course content will include a variety of topics in the area of orbital mechanics, satellite systems and launch requirements. Case studies of current systems will be the focus of this unit. 2. LEARNING OUTCOMES Learning outcomes are the key abilities and knowledge that will be assessed in this unit. See assessment summary table below for details of which outcomes are assessed where. Outcomes are listed according to the course goals that they support. Design and Problem Solving Skills 1. Students will be able to carry out a simple satellite design project and present their findings both in report form and verbally. Discipline Specific Expertise 2. Ability to use appropriate instrumentation to suit measurement and analysis needs for a wide range of satellite operational problems. Fundamentals of Science and Engineering 3. Ability to identify and predict various orbits and trajectories for space craft. Information Skills 4. Ability to research and discover relevant information for the design and analysis of Space vehicles. Professional Communication 5. Students will be able to organise and present their findings to a peer group. Professional Values, Judgement and Conduct 6. Students will become aware of the regulatory and liability requirements relating to all aspects of the Space industry. Teamwork and Project Management 7. Ability to work as a team member on a project and abiltiy to distribute workload evenly amongst members. For further details of course goals related to these learning outcomes, see online unit outline at http:// students/ view- unit- page/ alpha/ AERO2705 . 3. ASSESSMENT TASKS ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Assessment name Team- based? Weight Due Outcomes Assessed Assignment No 10% Week 4 1, 3 Assignment No 15% Week 7 3, 4, 6 Assignment Yes 5% Week 9 1, 4, 6 Assignment Yes 15% Week 12 2, 3, 4, 6 Presentation/ Seminar Yes
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AERO2705_2011_Semester_2 - FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND...

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