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Student Number: ..................................................... 2000 TRIAL EXAMINATION MATHEMATICS 3 Unit (Additional) and 3/4 Unit (Common) Time Allowed - Two (2) hours (plus 5 minutes reading time) Directions to Candidates Attempt ALL questions Show all necessary working, marks may be deducted for careless or untidy work Standard integrals are printed on the last page Board-approved calculators may be used Additional Answer Booklets are available Directions to School or College To ensure maximum confidentiality and security, examination papers must NOT be removed from the examination room. Examination papers may not be returned to students or used for revision purposes till September 2000. These examination papers are supplied Copyright Free, as such the purchaser may photocopy and/or cut and paste same for educational purposes within the confines of the school or college. All care has been taken to ensure that this examination paper is error free and that it follows the style, format and material content of previous Higher School Certificate Examination. Candidates are advised that authors of this examination paper cannot in any way guarantee that the 2000 HSC Examination will have a similar content or format.
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Mathemat cs 3 Un t, 2000 2 Question One (a) Using the substitution 1 - = x e u , find the value of dx e e x x - 2 ln 0 1 (3 marks) (b) Prove the following trigonometric identity: x x x 2 sin 4 1 cos 3 cos - = (2 marks) (c)
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ARC 2000T - Student Number: . 2000 TRIAL EXAMINATION...

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